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No Pull Leash

Dog Guard® No Pull Leashes have helped hundreds of Dog Owners gain better control over their pulling dogs.

Training a dog to stop pulling often results in fighting with the dog, ultimately reinforcing the unwanted behavior. When using the Dog Guard® No Pull Leashe as the “PULL NO MORE” Harness, you get immediate control over your dog, allowing you more time for Pawsitive Training and less time being frustrated and stressed.

We are EXTREMELY confident, that once you try Dog Guard® No Pull Leash for yourself, you WILL enjoy success in training dog and creating a “Pawsitive” Training Relationship.

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 03/19/17 Just used my leash – was skeptical that my dog would still pull me. This is the greatest!!! We had (or at least I had) such a nice walk. I would recommend this to anyone who has a puller. Thanks! Torie B.
Tori B

Proud Dog Owner

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