TS-5 Low Powered Outside Transmitter

The TS-5 transmitter is a smaller/low-powered transmitter for homes with an acre or less of yard space. It features a user friendly light and audible sound to let you know that the transmitter is working properly or if there is a problem with the signal field.

  • It has enhanced lightning protection with fuses that automatically reset themselves.
  • The TS-5 transmitter is only available in the non-encoded mode.
  • The TS-5 transmitter features key ways for easy mounting.
  • The TS-5 transmitter has two frequency settings to accommodate side by side installations.
  • The TS-5 transmitter can be used in conjunction with the T-4 transmitter to create multi-inside or outside loops. This will keep your pet from designated areas in the home or yard. Should one of the TS-5 designated loops be broken, the outside perimeter loop will stay on because the loops are on separate circuits.
  • The TS-5 transmitter has a LIFE TIME warranty.
  • The RANGE CONTROL adjuster is recessed to prevent unwanted tampering. The field range can be easily adjusted by using a small screwdriver
  • The GREEN LIGHT serves as a power light, wire break and surge indicator. If there is a wire break, it will flash with an audible alarm. The same holds true in the event of a surge
  • The TERMINAL BLOCK features easy to use external loop wire hookup connectors.