DOG GUARD No Pull Leash Testimonials:
Just used my leash – was skeptical that my dog would still pull me. This is the greatest!!! We had (or at least I had) such a nice walk. I would recommend this to anyone who has a puller. Thanks! Torie B.

DOG GUARD Out of Sight Fence Testimonials:

Each of these customers had a positive experience with Dog Guard® electronic dog fencing, and have told their story so that you would be able to have the confidence you need to let us protect your pet.

2013 Testimonial of the Month (submit your dog photo and testimonial to be showcased on this page)

Dog Guard® YorkieHi Jamie

Thank You so much for coming out to my house and fitting my dog with a new collar the same day I called. I’ve had my electric fence for 11 years and have been completely happy with the unit and service you provide. I always get my questions answered and prompt service. Also you work great with the dogs. I have to say Dog Guard® is one of the best investments I have ever made.

Thank You, Geri



Dear Dog Guard®,Dog Guard® Dogs

I felt Compelled to let you know how I feel about your product. I have a different dog since we’ve had the out of sight fence installed. Riley is a 2 year old black lab I got from Labs 4 Rescue last August. He is beautiful, loving, and has many redeeming qualities. I think he was trained as a bird dog and if he picks up a scent, there’s no chance I am getting him back. I walked him 4-5 times a day, but he had to be on a leash and I work, so that was time consuming and tiring. He’d play ball in the yard or pond, but that only lasted until he picked up a scent and then he was gone. I was not happy and started thinking about sending him back to Labs 4 Rescue but I didn’t feel comfortable that someone else would take care of him. So when the snow melted (I live in Vermont) my husband and I installed your out of sight fence. We had the system previously from our old lab. After a couple weeks of training, I have a happy dog! We have an acre of land and the whole acre is fenced. I still take him for a long walk in the woods every morning, but he can be outside chasing squirrels, running around the yard, or just sitting on the porch as long as he likes. I have a home office so I keep an eye on him while he’s outside and a couple of times a day we spend about a ½ hour in the yard playing together. Literally, I chase him and then he chases me. If I can’t see him, I just call and he comes running. I believe he is now really happy and therefore, willingly comes to me whenever called. He even stays with me when he goes swimming in the pong. For the first time since last August, I am truly enjoying my pet, and I think for the first time since last August, he is also enjoying his freedom. I am so happy to be able to watch him run.

Thank you Dog Guard®. You made my husband and I believers in your system.

Joan Chesler

Lisa Jakunskas


Dog Guard® Works Great!!  All my pooches are safe.  I work at a major home improvement center  and recommend dog Guard at least 10 times a week. I’ve had mine over a decade and will never switch.  Great products and device. Thanks!



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