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If you like pets, enjoy dealing with people and want to own your own business, this is a unique business opportunity you might not want to pass up!

Dog Guard® retails through an exclusive network of professional independant dealers. As a Dog Guard® Dealer, you will be awarded an exclusive marketing territory, along with your own website, professionally designed and developed to generate valuable sales leads from consumers in your area that are actively searching for your products and services.

YOU will be the driving force that makes your Dog Guard® dealership unique. Except within major metropolitan markets, the Dog Guard® Dealers do not compete with one another. The sales potential of your territory is considerable, and is only limited by your desire, hard work and professionalism.

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DOG GUARD Dealership Opportunity

The market potential is HUGE, and pet lovers in your area may be unaware of the many benefits of a Dog Guard® Out-of-Sight Fencing System.

People do not want to pay upwards of $10.00 a lineal foot for a conventional fence when a Dog Guard® Fencing System can be purchased and installed for about 10% of this cost.  That’s a 90% savings!!

A Dog Guard® Fencing System not only costs less, but is far more effective. A dog cannot dig under or jump over a Dog Guard® Fence. There are no gates to leave open. And the view of the neighborhood and surrounding area is unobstructed!

Dog Guard® knows “A well-trained Dog is a Happy Dog!” and that fences make good neighbors, a non-visible electronic dog fence can provide both!

You can own and operate a dealership on your own. A lot of the Dog Guard® dealers work alone, and prefer things that way. Dog Guard® dealers are focused professionals who follow the work schedule we outline for success.

With high-quality leads coming to you from and your website, our State-of-the-Art Internet marketing program takes the stress out of Sales! All you have to do is set appointments with people that are actively seeking Dog Guard® fences, explain the many benefits Dog Guard® fencing systems, and sign them up. The active role you will personally play in making sure they are a satisfied customer will help to generate referrals.

Dog Guard® also introduces you to sales opportunities we that will make your new career fun, interesting, and profitable!

DOG GUARD Products Work … Period.

Dog Guard® has over 400,000 satisfied customers that have used our equipment over the last 19 years. That is why Dog Guard® is recognized as a company that “goes the extra mile”, and why Dog Guard® continues to grow!

The Underground Dog Fence Business continues to grow at a brisk pace because the pet population continues to grow rapidly. Anyone with a pet and a yard is an excellent candidate for this product. The days of confining your cat or dog with a kennel or chain link fence are quickly coming to an end. Conventional fencing simply does not work as well as a Dog Guard® Out-of-Sight Fencing System.

Dog Guard®’s many satisfied customers have confirmed, time and time again, that they prefer working with local, professionally trained Dog Guard® dealer (like you) to install their Dog Guard® fencing and help them train their pet.

All most people need to decide on the benefits of an underground dog fence is a little product knowledge and help from you.

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